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We also offer the following scheduled service maintenance:

Every 3,000 miles or 90 Days

Every 10,000 miles or annually

Every 20,000 miles or 2 Years

Every 30,000 miles or 3 Years

Every 50,000 miles or 5 Years

Every 60,000 miles or 5 Years and more...

It is often frustrating to encounter any form of car trouble, particularly if you are in a hurry or are far from an auto shop. These types of incidents can be avoided if you are able to regularly have your car checked. Regular car maintenance and repair can help prevent the possibility of you being stuck in these situations. Maintenance of your car can range from basic car maintenance to an overhaul or car check-up.

Importance of basic car maintenance

There are several car maintenance measures that you have to do to keep your car at its best. It is important to bring your car to an auto service and have it checked.

Have your engine checked regularly. Remember that the engine is the heart of your car; with a broken engine, your car is of no use. Check your engine by one of our technicians regularly to ensure that it is working properly and it is up to speed. Also, it is important to check your car transmission; otherwise you might be stuck on the road in sunny California.

Basic Maintenance should include:

Air filter




Brake Fluids

Engine Oil




Oil Filter

Power Steering Fluid

Shock Absorbers


Transmission Fluids

Washer Fluid

Wiper Blades

Importance of regular mechanical inspection

To maintain safety and reduce the cost of car repair, it is important that you have your car inspected regularly. Regular mechanical inspection should be done and not just a visual inspection of your automotive, since many components of your car cannot be inspected visually.

We take pride in providing the best service to assist you avoid costly repairs. Bring in your vehicle for regular maintenance whether it will for 3,000 miles or 100,000 miles. We will make sure your vehicle is running correctly. We will even give you a FREE diagnose.